Supply Chain Transformation

Strategic Vision with clear, quantifiable long-term goals. Operating the Supply Chain at its peak efficiencies to deliver the highest level of profits through better decisions powered by AI.

Reduce downtime and maintenance costs with AI

Maximize your equipment efficiency and capacity to accelerate your journey to the Factory of the Future.

Pluto7 provides scalable, ready-to-deploy solutions to accurately determine when a manufacturing machine, component, or part is likely to fail and needs to be replaced.

Predicting whether equipment will fail in a given period is key to optimize your operational costs.

Preventive Maintenance Solutions

  • Preventive Maintenance ML

    Preventive Maintenance ML provides predictive capability to forecast failure and determine remaining useful life. This AI solution focuses on identifying patterns in both sensor and yield data that indicate changes in equipment condition.

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  • Safety ML

    Safety ML activates different AI technologies to ensure the safety of your workforce. It can determine what proportion of the staff continue to comply or ignore safety guidelines (wearing mask, maintaining social distancing)

  • Value Chain ML

    Value Chain ML is a comprehensive solution that is built on Google Cloud Platform. It intelligently connects unrelated functions of business, starting from procurement to production, and from marketing to after-sales services.

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Solution Benefits

  • Reduce Downtime

    Google’s IoT core and multiple ML models leverage sensors that take in data from sound vibration, noise, data signals, temperature, and visual signals to identify and predict replacement. 

  • More efficiency, less costs 

    Improving your production efficiency from 45% to 80% while reducing your operational costs. 



  • Enable new safety guidelines, at scale

    Detect if an employee is wearing a face mask or not with the help of real-time video streams. Additionally, you can track the number of people in a specific area and check for social distancing.

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