Supply Chain Transformation

Strategic Vision with clear, quantifiable long-term goals. Operating the Supply Chain at its peak efficiencies to deliver the highest level of profits through better decisions powered by AI.

Reimagine demand forecast with AI

Are you having a hard time figuring out what changed in your forecast?

Our AI-Driven demand forecasting solutions identify those forecast items that have a significant deviation and can cause potential problems in your supply chain.

Balance your demand and transform your business needs to span the entire value chain. It is time to reimagine what forecast analytics can do!

Supply Chain Solutions

  • Demand ML

    Demand ML ™ understands the pattern in your supply chain data to more accurately source the quantity of products needed to meet customers expectations.

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  • Inventory ML

    Inventory ML leverages AI to define the status of the inventory regardless of your warehouse location. 

    Demand planning teams can predict supply quantities and manage stock more efficiently.

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  • Value Chain ML

    Value Chain ML is a comprehensive solution that is built on Google Cloud Platform. It intelligently connects unrelated functions of business, starting from procurement to production, and from marketing to after-sales services.

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Solution Benefits

  • Increase your demand forecast accuracy by more than 90%

    Understand new patterns in your supply chain data to source the quantity of products more accurately.

  • Manage complex and unpredictable fluctuations

    Leverage the power of AI to predict your demand and avoid last-minute fluctuations. 



  • Deliver the right product at the right time

    Leverage our solutions solution to modernize supply chain systems and evolve your dynamic assortment planning.

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